Rock-Tred September Newsletter


Check out our new website! Not only have we moved to a modern design that showcases our flooring systems, we've also moved to a new server that will provide faster and more reliable service.

In addition to improved design and speed, we've designed our new site to be a comprehensive tool to help you understand what product components make up each flooring system that we offer. All pages now list associated products, systems, instructional videos, images, and technical documents which are designed to help save you both time and hassle when searching for what you need.



Getting Your Project Ready For Colder Weather

It will not be long now before the leaves turn and frost appears on the pumpkins. Taking a moment to review three common practices can help ensure your projects remain trouble free.

1. Conditioning Project Materials - One of the most common mistakes made by contractors is NOT conditioning the project materials. Cold material and warm slab temperatures and vice versa can create problems. Whenever possible, store the materials at the project site for at least 24 hours prior to applying. Exceptions to this rule are when the job site is near or below freezing and when using ROCK-CRETE products on job sites below 50°F. Refer to the Technical Data Sheets for more info on these situations.



Concrete Repairs and Crack Remediation Made Easy

Rock-Tred has two products that are designed to be very easy to use, cure quickly and exhibit amazing bond strength to the repaired area.



RQP-Rock Quick Patch is a 100% solids, non-shrinking repair paste. This product can be applied using a 300 ml x 300 ml caulk gun in the RQP-TS tube set, or can be used by applying with a taping knife from the 32 ounce or 2-gallon kit set.


Some Product Highlights to Note:

  • Non-Shrinking formula. This is great for "sinkers" that occur when using traditional 100% solids epoxy.
  • Can be feathered to zero, so no additional grinding is required.
  • 15 minutes of working time, and will usually be fully cured within 45-60 minutes.
  • Has a very high "hardness" rating (Shore D-85).





Rock-Mender is a 100% solids "ultra-fast" curing polyurea. Like the RQP featured above, this product is easily placed using a 300 ml x 300 ml dual component caulk gun or can be conventionally mixed and placed out of our 2 or 10-gallon sets.

Some Product Highlights to Note:

  • Very low viscosity allows a tenacious bond to sides of concrete repairs virtually welding the slab back together.
  • When used with silica or quartz sand makes a high compressive strength Polymer Concrete.
  • Can be field-tinted using select ROCK-TRED Universal Colorants and then polished when fully cured. Just add concrete dust from your vacuum at the time of mix to make almost perfectly matched patches and crack repairs.
  • Very fast curing to two minutes



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