'Floor Essence' Metallic Pigments



"FLOOR-ESSENCE" is our decorative metallic flooring system that delivers a high-performance seamless floor. These pigments are intended for use with the FLOOR-ESSENCE system only. Please see INSTALLATION GUIDE below for more application details.



Universal Colorants



ROCK-TRED UNIVERSAL COLORANTS are the next generation of field-added colorants to be used with ROCK-TRED coatings and systems. They are available in 18 standard colors and conveniently packaged in sizes made to color 3 or 1.5 gallon kits. ROCK-TRED UNIVERSAL COLORANTS are formulated to field-pigment ROCK-TRED 100% solids epoxy, polyaspartic, and certain polyurethane coatings, as well as ROCK-TRED overlay systems such as POXI-ROCK FLOORING MORTAR (Epoxy Mortar Overlay System), ROCK-TRED SL (Epoxy Self-Leveler System) and ROCK-TRED's ROCK-CRETE (Cementitious Urethane System). Consult individual product technical data sheets or call ROCK-TRED for specific information on which coatings/systems our UNIVERSAL COLORANTS can be used with.