Project Planning 101: Contents for a Job File


Keeping good records has always been and always be a good business practice. As time passes our recollection of project specifics can fade, and should a problem or concern arise with one of your customers, having the ability to just grab the project file is a great help.

Here are few things I feel are necessary for project files:

  1. Client information. These are the basic, who did you complete the work for, what was proposed/accepted, when was the work started/completed, and where was the project located.
  2. The coating or system you applied. The more details here, the better. Information such as color, which suppliers products were used, batch numbers from your supplier, and your installed coverage rates of each step.
  3. Method of surface preparation.
  4. Specific areas completed. Drawings, blueprints, and quotes work well.
  5. Signed proposal including your terms and conditions is critical. This is a vital part of entering into a bona fide contract, and protects all parties from any surprises. (We discuss how to write an effective proposal in Rock-Tred Institute)
  6. Any conditions that worth noting or are out of the normal installation practices, such as temperatures, chemical exposures, other trades working nearby.
  7. Jobs ticket on which of your crews were present and completed the various steps in the completion of the project.
  8. Before and after photos. A picture(s) has always been worth 1,000 words.

Remember “people don’t plan to fail….they fail to plan”. Good record keeping starting with a customer job file is a good start.

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