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Rock-Prime HB

Rock-Tred announces release of new product! As the market demands more “Eco” friendly products, we are pleased to announce the release of Rock-Prime-HB

Easy to apply 62% solids water-based epoxy.
0 VOC/HAP with a very low odor that rapidly diminishes during cure process.
Designed to be applied as a primer, but can also be applied thick enough to use as a broadcast coat for quartz and flake systems.
Adequate working time that once placed will cure rapidly (90-120 minutes), a great product for quick return to service projects.
Extremely competitively priced.


Rock-Tred SL

-Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring System


Rock Tred SL is an easily applied 100% solids epoxy /aggregate blend that will produce superior strength and wear capabilities. Rock-Tred SL is ideal for areas of high traffic, floors that are worn out, or floors that need a quick return to service solution with high aesthetics.
System Features

Can be applied at 1/8” to 3/16” in one lift.
Kits are pre-measured to insure proper mixing and making placement very easy.
Extremely high-gloss finish with good chemical resistance.
Designed for substrates that would require excessive patching.

Ideal Areas for Rock-Tred SL

Manufacturing Areas
Aircraft Hangars
Fire and Police Stations
Automobile/Truck Service Areas
Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

ROCK-TRED Institute


Don't wait to register! Our next ROCK-TRED Institute is on September, 16th, 17th and 18th of 2014. Please contact Erik Sebby at if you are interested or need additional information.

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