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Here Comes Winter

- Get Ready With These Rock-Tred Products!


As the temperatures start to drop, some of our contractors are worried about slow curing traditional epoxy systems. In a market where is time is money, Rock-Tred has you covered.


Chem-Rock LT-45 – This “low-temperature”, 100% solids epoxy is designed to cure where both substrate and ambient air temperatures are as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep in mind when using this product on days where the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit the working time is significantly reduced. (although we have had customers use it all summer long for quick patches or 1 day floors). Like all most of Rock-Tred’s 100% solid products, this can be field tinted and used as an extremely durable base coat to apply decorative flake, chips or quartz to.

Chem-Thane P-200 – Chem-Thane P200-New in 2014, this polyaspartic formulation is also designed to cure in lower temperatures (25-60 degrees F). By adding Rock-Tred’s P-200 Reducer you can now go directly to concrete to use this formulation for both a primer/body coat and top coat. Polyaspartics provide the maximum in Ultra Violet (U.V.) resistance.



The feedback we have received from our customers who have used this product is that the very low odor and “working time” is much easier to use than the competition with similar formulations.



See here for best our polyaspartic best practices guide.

See here for a comparison of our P-200 vs the competition

See here for LT-45 tech data

See here for P-200 tech data


Tools of the Trade


Truly knowing your job site conditions is key to achieving proper results and ultimately PROFITS in the polymer coatings application world. Being prepared with some basic testing equipment will allow you to avoid costly mistakes in your estimating and installations. ROCK-TRED recommends that our partner contractors invest in and use at least these 3 common testing tools.

Infrared laser thermometer – allows instant and accurate testing of substrate temperatures. Helps the contractor to determine which ROCK-TRED Systems are appropriate for a subject area. Available from ROCK-TRED for $63.00/ea.

Surface pH Pencil – provides quick readings to determine the pH level of a substrate. This is especially important for contractors that perform installations in industrial and commercial setting. Having a pH condition other than neutral in the concrete you are coating can lead to failures. Multi-use pH pencils are available from ROCK-TRED for $14.00/ea.

Digital psychrometer – gives instant readings on air temperature, RH (relative humidity) and dew point. Knowing the RH of your jobsite is important in determining not only what products will be useable in a certain environment, but also when or when not to apply them. At RH of 70% and above you should not to apply most epoxy coatings since slow/improper cures, amine blush and poor appearances may result. High RH levels speed up the curing reaction in polyaspartic coatings. Knowing the RH will help you determine if it’s wise to apply your polyaspartic coating. Dew point will determine if surface condensation is likely on your jobsite. If the air temperature is within 5° of the dew point and falling you should wait to apply coatings. Contact ROCK-TRED for info on sourcing a digital psychrometer.



ROCK-TRED Institute


Don't wait to register! Our next ROCK-TRED Institute is on November, 18th, and 19th of 2014. Please contact Erik Sebby at if you are interested or need additional information.

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