Thank you to all of our customers for what turned out to be a record year for ROCK-TRED!!!

As we enter a New Year with new opportunities let us start with the basics of ROCK-TRED products and discuss our family of cleaners only available through ROCK-TRED.

75% of all coatings projects will fail due to insufficient bond profile. Before we can even think about turning on today’s high-tech and expensive surface prep equipment it is a good practice to make sure the surface is clean.

Rock-Power Microbial

This fast working ECO-FRIENDLY cleaner uses “germ warfare” on the nastiest of contamination. ROCK-POWER Microbial is made in two formulations. ROCK-POWER Microbial SURFACE is for use cleaning hydrocarbon/petroleum based contamination such as automotive grease and oil or hydraulic fluids. ROCK-POWER Microbial FOOD-GRADE is for cleaning lipid based fats and proteins such as food oil, cellulose and animal fats typically found in restaurants and food and beverage processing. ROCK-POWER Microbial is simply scrubbed into a damp surface, agitated while it penetrates the concrete and digests the contaminant and then rinsed down the drain with amazing results.

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is a non-corrosive, heavy duty cleaner designed and formulated to dissolve industrial dirt, oil and grease without damaging the substrate. While being an extremely effective cleaner to remove tire marks, adhesive residue (such as tape lines) and stubborn grease stains, Rock-Solv contains NO harsh chemicals or acids and has a pleasant citrus scent.

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is a unique formulation that is safe to use and odorless, but powerful enough to work on all types of surfaces to produce economical large scale cleaning results. ROCK-POWER can also be used to neutralize slight PH imbalances in concrete substrates. Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon packaging and can be full strength or diluted as much as 32:1 and used in auto scrubbers.

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Whatever your project cleaning or coating needs are please contact your ROCK-TRED Representative, our Corporate Office at 1-888-Rock-Tred, or visit our newly designed website at

Measuring Concrete Hardness

-by Mike Lenk, VP of Sales

As we all know “concrete gets hard”, but how is that measured and what does that mean to you when installing polymer coatings or systems?

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