The Thing About Vertical Coatings

ROCK-TRED has been manufacturing a full and versatile line of vertical grade coatings for many years.  Since the majority of ROCK-TRED installers specialize in resinous flooring installations, many have expressed reluctance at trying to install coatings vertically.  Using tools you probably already own and ROCK-TRED’s specialized line of CHEM-WALL coatings, any resinous flooring installer can expand their services to include high performance wall and ceiling coatings.  The vertical coatings market can add profitable work to the jobs you’re already doing.

The basic CHEM-WALL High Build System is essentially an epoxy floor coating system turned on its side.  It offers the same features, benefits and limitations of an epoxy floor coating.  When applied correctly, the CHEM-WALL System yields a fully sealed, high-gloss, pin hole free surface that is easy to clean and maintain.  The cured surface is non-porous and will not promote bacteria or mold growth and can be cleaned with bleach or other common food grade cleaners.  It is typically applied in a solid color, but decorative materials such as flake or colored quartz can be incorporated for varying aesthetics. 

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