The Easy Squeegee System is at ROCK-TRED 

ROCK-TRED has partnered with Midwest Rake to become a stocking distributor of their new Easy Squeegee line.  We are carrying the Easy Squeegee Frame and 6 different Easy Squeegee Blades as part of our RT Sundries line.  The Easy Squeegee system is an updated design of an old and common tool. Many applicator friendly features are packed into this new design.  Easy Squeegee won a 2018 MIP Most Innovative Products at this years World of Concrete show for all the unique features.  The Easy Squeegee Frame is made of a heavy-duty plastic featuring their Cured Coating Release technology.  This technology allows the Frame to be easily cleaned after use regardless of the coatings material being applied.  Protected metal threads and easy to use thumb screw fasteners, also with Cured Coating Release technology, are employed to lock the Easy Squeegee Blades into the Frame.  The threads and fasteners remain protected to eliminate contact with the wet coatings making Blade changes and clean up much easier.  

The Blades are manufactured with holes that line up perfectly with the fasteners to make sure the Blades are perfectly straight and level.  ROCK-TRED carries Easy Squeegee Blades in a Flat Stiff and a Flat Flexible version, plus notched Blades that will meter out wet film thicknesses at 5-7 mils, 8-12 mils, 15-20 mils and 25-30 mil respectively.  Each Easy Squeegee Blade is made of a long-wearing polymer material and has its WFT mil coverage rating inscribed for easy identification.  Depending on the roughness of the substrate being coated and the amount of downward pressure the applicator is using Easy Squeegee recommends changing their notched blades every 3000 – 5000 square feet of use.    

Our pricing is very competitive for these tools – buy a set to try and you’ll never go back to standard squeegees again!  Follow the link below for a complete RT Sundries Price List.  To place your order please contact your ROCK-TRED Sales Rep or the ROCK-TRED Office at  For more information and how to videos please visit the Easy Squeegee website at       

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