Concrete Repairs and Crack Remediation Made Easy

Rock-Tred has two products that are designed to be very easy to use, cure quickly and exhibit amazing bond strength to the repaired area.

RQP - Rock Quick Patch

RQP-Rock Quick Patch is a 100% solids, non-shrinking repair paste. This product can be applied using a 300 ml x 300 ml caulk gun in the RQP-TS tube set, or can be used by applying with a taping knife from the 32 ounce or 2 gallon kit set.

Some Product Highlights to Note:

  • Non-Shrinking formula, so . This is great for “sinkers” that occur when using traditional 100% solids epoxy.
  • Can be feathered to zero, so no additional grinding is required.
  • 15 minutes of working time, and will usually be fully cured within 45-60 minutes.
  • Has a very high “hardness” rating (Shore D-85).
  • View Rock-Tred Quick Patch Tech Data Here


Rock-Mender is a 100% solids “ultra-fast” curing polyurea. Like the RQP featured above, this product is easily placed using a 300 ml x 300 ml dual component caulk gun or can be conventionally mixed and placed out of our 2 or 10 gallon sets.

Some Product Highlights to Note:

  • Very low viscosity allows a tenacious bond to sides of concrete repairs virtually welding the slab back together.
  • When used with silica or quartz sand makes a high compressive strength Polymer Concrete.
  • Can be field-tinted using select ROCK-TRED Universal Colorants and then polished when fully cured. Just add concrete dust from your vacuum at the time of mix to make almost perfectly matched patches and crack repairs.
  • Very fast curing to two minutes
  • View Rock- Mender Tech Data Here
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