Rock-Tred was born out of the Depression Era, beginning business in 1939. The company chiseled out its existence by manufacturing concrete resurfacing materials for industrial manufacturing facilities. Rock-Tred's innovative products arrived just in time to help resurface and strengthen floors needed for building the weapons of WWII.
Today Rock-Tred continues to manufacturer innovative polymer coating solutions. These materials include floor and wall coatings, flexible membranes, joint sealants and patching compounds. You will find our products in manufacturing plants, biotechnology labs, food and dairy facilities, institutions, commercial outlets, and just about every type of environment you can imagine. Our products are purchased worldwide and our 70-year track record speaks for itself.

Meet Our Team


He holds patents on both processes and equipment, has authored articles for

numerous magazines, served on the board of directors for several profit and non-profit corporations and is actively engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of specialty coatings all across the United States. During the last 20 years Chris O'Brien has worked with specification writers, architects, building consultants, general contractors, facility managers, home and business owners to design and execute coating and topping projects that beautify and protect.


With over 35 years of sales management and new business development in

the coatings industry, Joe’s career started at the age of 17 in Pittsburgh, PA as a bridge painter.  This was followed by 13 years with GATX out of Chicago, spraying linings in railcars where he progressed to Sr. Estimating Engineer, Coatings & Linings.  Joe then followed a path that led to holding senior level management positions with Polycoat & Rhino Linings.
With Polycoat, Joe served as Vice President of their water proofing and industrial group and successfully led them into the flooring market with the purchase of Crown Polymers. Previously, he worked for Rhino Linings as their Sales Director, as well as serving on their executive board. With proven expertise in account and team management, he helped direct Rhino’s expansion of their new industrial coatings products and their floor coatings line.
Prior to joining Rhino Linings, Nichy was employed as the General Manager for HSH Aerospace Finishes, an international aerospace coatings manufacturer based in Belgium, and had complete executive responsibility for their North American Operations. Joe has also held sales and management positions with recognized coating firms Ceilcote and Carboline. 


Erik has been working with Rock-Tred products since 2003. He started as a

field sales representative specifying, selling and managing installations of fluid applied flooring and wall systems across industries and in a wide variety of job site environments. Erik brings his experience in tailoring resinous systems to meet job specific needs and preparing difficult substrates to share with Rock-Tred customers. Erik has a BS from Western Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He is available to assist our contractors and architects with product recommendations, troubleshooting and specification writing.


Brian Wilson, who is currently Rock-Tred's Shipping and Production

Manager, has been in the coatings industry for more than 20 years. He started his career in the field; first as a painter, then as an epoxy installer. This was followed with years in sales, estimating, and accounting, before making his way to Production Management and Plant Supervision. Brian continues to be a wonderful, and much relied-on, asset to our team.


Ina’s passion for chemistry is in her genes.  Both her parents were

Chemical Engineers and passed on their love of science to Ina.  Prior to moving to the United States in 1991, Ina graduated from Moscow Chemical Technological University with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a concentration in Paint and Coating Sciences.  During her career Ina has successfully worked to develop, produce and refine a wide range of polymer coatings across many applications.  She now uses her skills and experience to improve Rock-Tred’s product line.  Ina has been happily married since 1980 and has 2 children.  Her son is majoring in Chemical Engineering and is in line to continue the chemistry dynasty started by Ina’s parents.



The Rock-Tred Production Team works hard every day to bring you the products you know and love.